Must Love Dogs

A few days ago I shared a sweet peek into some custom welcome gifts that I designed for a Karma Goddess couple. During this project I worked closely with the bride's mother, Rhonda. While getting to know her daughter and future son-in-law, I also was introduced to Rebecca & Ryan's sweet Great Dane, Humboldt who was the whole reason these two fell in love.

One day Rebecca was attempting to carry home a large bag of dog food while wrangling a 150 lb. Great Dane, the office manager simply asked her if she was still single and the answer..."yes, so what?" She quickly apologized and the manager said, "I'm simply trying to find you a handsome man to carry your dog food home for you." As fate would have it, Ryan then stepped out of the elevator, was introduced to Rebecca, and those two were never single after that day. I mean seriously, how CUTE is that story!

We decided on a breakfast themed welcome gift that guests could enjoy Saturday morning before the big day of celebration. Now my little baker heart would have loved nothing more than to bake for this lovely couple, but only having one oven and 56 gifts to bake for, I knew my limitations so I partnered with one of my local favs here in Miami...Zak the Baker. Seriously, if you haven't tried out their bread or pastries you are missing out and I feel bad for you. Anyways, we selected their banana bread and rugelach to include for the guests, along with my small batch honey almond granola. For the sips, I went with a welcome bags staple, FIJI water, and after Bob, Rhonda's husband, ran taste tests on multiple coffee drinks, we selected on from Starbucks. Each gift also include a small "just in case" bag of Advil and Pepto tablets.

Now the finishing touches...


I obviously knew we needed to include the adorable pups that was responsible for this love story, so I enlisted the help of Quinn Luu, who also designed my amazing site, to design welcome tags to complete the tote bags. I then selected an all natural jute tote, which doubled as a bag the guests could use for the pool or the beach, to package all the goodies in. Finishing off the gifts was the watercolor gift tag and beautiful silk ribbon to give them a classic and elegant feel. 

Interested in customizing some "totes" adorable gifts for your guests? Send me a note (and a virtual hug) because I would love to meet you!